Friends of the Heart
sharing God's love through messages, skits, and songs by Kim

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What We Offer
"If Our Closets Could Talk"

A retreat based on a subject to which women easily relate--clothes! You'll peek into your life's closet too.
     --What's in There?
     --What Doesn't Fit?
     --What Should We Pitch?
     --What Should We Give Away?

"Just Say 'Yes'--To God!"

A retreat to encourage women to reach their full potential in Christ.
  Look In--Are there issues that keep you from moving on in life?
  Look Up--Have you developed an ongoing relationship with Christ?
  Look Out--Have you identified your talents, gifts and passion to reach the world?

"At Any Age, At Any Stage: Celebrating the Christian Life"

This series aims to help women accept each stage of life by avoiding potential pitfalls and finding fulfillment.
     --Living in the Dash
     --Dashing off with Dora the Explorer
     --Dashing off with Wonder Woman
     --Finishing the Dash with Hyacinth Bucket
        (pronounce that Bou-Kay, please!)

"What Every Girl Needs: Refuge, Redemption, Restoration and a Few Good Recipes"

A retreat based on the book of Ruth.
     --Meet the Family
     --Find Refuge from Life's Hurts
     --Be Blessed by Redemption
     --Experience Wholeness through Restoration

Friends of the Heart
is also available for one-hour presentations that include skits, messages, and songs:

  --"Mary: Ordinary or Extraordinary?" 
        (a great Christmas program)
--"That Face in the Mirror: Who Do 
        You See?"
        (perfect for Mother's Day events)
  --"Friendship: Got It In You?" 
        (great for any occasion)
--"Tea With Mary, Martha & Their 
  --"If the Shoe Fits . . . " 
       (a second option for Mother's Day or as a retreat)
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